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Geography Challenge The Great Canadian Geography Challenge - Canada's largest student geography competition - PHOTO: istockphot.com/Selahattin BAYRAM The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
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Provincials - PHOTO: istockphoto.com


Qualifying for the Provincial/Territorial Challenge

All level 2 school champions compete in the Provincial/Territorial Challenge. A school may only submit one competitor for the competition.

The Provincial/Territorial Challenge must be administered at the competitor's school by the in-school coordinator before February 27, 2015. Teacher Coordinators will have access to the Provincial/Territorial Challenge through the Member Account on October 8, 2014. In order to participate in the Provincial/Territorial Challenge, the school winner must complete the online competition by February 27, 2015.

NEW THIS YEAR: All level 2 school champions are eligible to participate in the Provincial/Territorial challenge — there is no specific age restriction. HOWEVER; in order to be eligible for consideration for Team Canada in 2015 students must be born after August 31, 1999.

Scoring and Prizes
Students will receive their scores immediately after completing the Provincial/Territorial Challenge. The top student in each province and territory will receive a prize package in recognition of their achievement, including an award certificate suitable for an in-school presentation.

• Prepare with past Provincial/Territorial Finals (questions and answers)

Support the Challenge - PHOTO: iStockphoto.com/Rob Friedman

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