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Geography Challenge The Great Canadian Geography Challenge - Canada's largest student geography competition - PHOTO: istockphot.com/Selahattin BAYRAM The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
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Past Questions - PHOTO: istockphoto.com/John Archer

National Final 2008
Competition Questions

To try the competition questions, click on the Rounds below.

Round 1: Geography: Views of the World

Round 2: Weathering the Climate

Round 3: Find the European country

Round 4: Geography in the News

Round 5: Find Yourself

Round 6: Going to Town

Round 7: Find the National Park

Round 8: Understanding the Hazards

Round 9: Food and Fuel

Round 10: Reading the Land

Round 11: Final Countdown

Support the Challenge - PHOTO: iStockphoto.com/Rob Friedman

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