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Geography Challenge The Great Canadian Geography Challenge - Canada's largest student geography competition - PHOTO: istockphot.com/Selahattin BAYRAM The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
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About the Challenge - PHOTO: istockphoto.com/Jason Walton

Welcome to the
Geography Challenge
"Excellent program! Students were excited to win! I like the various subtopics."
— Wheatley School, St. Catherine’s, ON
About the Challenge
After 19 successful years and over 2 million student participants, the Geography Challenge continues to build interest in geography among young Canadians by allowing them to test their knowledge in friendly competition. Besides being fun, educational and easy to administer, the Geography Challenge is a terrific opportunity for your students and your school to shine in the spotlight!

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Open to Canadian students from grades 4 to 10, the Geography Challenge is divided into two levels: Level 1 is open to students in grades 4-6 and level 2 to students in grades 7-10. To find out everything you need to know to register your school, click here.

You can also try your hand at one of our fun Quick Quizzes by answering the question on the right. If you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you can enter into our monthly draw for cool geography prizes.

Students: Test your geographic knowledge with our geography quizzes: Quiz Yourself.

Teachers: Explore past Challenge questions!

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Support the Challenge - PHOTO: iStockphoto.com/Rob Friedman

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